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We cater to your individual needs by providing either group, small groups or private classes for various syllabi and levels.

About Us

Transforming lives through effective teaching methods, Pusat Tuisyen Teliti is committed to educate the future generations with compassion and efficiency. We believe that firm educational foundations will springboard your child with a clear vision for their desired futures in their respective fields of study.


Our Founder

Originating from a sincere passion to nurture and foster young minds, Mr Terry Tee set up Pusat Tuisyen Teliti in 2008 with the purpose of providing after-school academic support to students. As he began with his expertise in Mathematics, Mr Terry proceeded to assemble like-minded tutors in order to provide an extensive education with more subjects.

Mr Terry believes that perseverance and determination is the way to success, and instills such values in his students. After years of hard work and constant self-reflection for further improvement, Pusat Tuisyen Teliti is now a prominent tuition centre, all while ensuring its initial goal in providing accessible and affordable education is achieved.

Our Mission

We strive to provide every student at Pusat Tuisyen Teliti with thorough and comprehensive academic guidance.

Our Vision

With diligence and commitment from both tutors and students, we hope to holistically empower our students, both academically and personal growth.

Our Story

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