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“I was a student from Mr. Ruban’s Sejarah class in 2017. I achieved an A+ for Sejarah and all I want to do is thank Mr. Ruban. I would not have such good results if it was not for him. I did not really like Sejarah at first and I even failed during Form 4. He made me love Sejarah and told me to keep reading the text book. Well, it worked. Sejarah became one of my favourite subjects and I finally got an A+ for SPM. I even got an A+ for English and 1A for 1119. It is quite unexpected cause I’m not that strong in English. Anyways, thank you so much for teaching Sejarah and Cambridge English. I really appreciate the knowledge you have taught us."

— Koh Sze Xuen, SPM 2017

“Dear Terry, I am your ex student and I wanted to let you know a week ago I have officially graduated from the London School of Economics (LSE) in a degree of Mathematics and Economics with first class honours.

I'm writing to thank you again for tutoring me back in 2008 to 2010. Your tuition sessions have made me love maths and become 'addicted' to maths as I put it back then. To date, I always tell people that you and your algebra book are what motivated me to like maths. So thank you so much for being my inspiration. Please continue your amazing work.”

— Tze Yi from SMK Taman Sea, SPM 2010.

“Teliti is capable of not only being one of the best tuition centres but also has the best potential evolving into a college, as they have extremely good educators at high level. These educators are not only competent in their subject matter but also passionate about teaching. Many of them were also among the top students of their times thus they really understand and know what it takes to reach the top.”

— Ivy Khoo Yew Suan , Parent of Janice Chai from SMK Damansara Utama

“Mr Martin always makes sure his students have strong understanding in the syllabus besides always trying his best to explain in simple terms in order for his students to comprehend Chemistry better. He never gives up on any student and has also inspired and motivate many students to work harder in order to achieve better results. Mr Martin often gives extra classes to help students who are weak in certain topics thus he is extremely helpful. As for Mr Daniel, his teaching methods are based on learning through exercises. His notes are well-structured and easy for students to understand. After teaching every topic, Mr Daniel will give lots of exercises, mostly past year questions so that students are familiar with important answering techniques, this has certainly helped many students to understand Physics better.”

— Su Li Yuen from SMK Bandar Utama Damansara(3), SPM 2014.

“Terry adopts a systematic approach when teaching Mathematics. First, he solves sample questions with us, after which we have a chance to try our hands on similar self-test questions. In this way, classes are easy to follow. Terry's materials are comprehensive and follow the syllabus closely. Additional questions and topical complication of past year questions further boost my confidence in Mathematics. Definitely, Terry's guidance had certainly helped me to build a strong foundation in the subject, not to mention an 'A+' in SPM Additional Mathematics!”

— Ong Zhen Ling from SMK Damansara Utama, SPM 2013.

“Mr Terry's teachings has helped many students excel in Additional Mathematics. Many of his students initially face difficulties coping with the subject and some of them had failed their school's examination several times. However, majority of them improved significantly and finally managed to obtain an A or even an A+ in SPM for Additional Mathematics. This is mainly because Mr Terry's teaching method is very systematic and his explanations are very clear and detailed. In addition, students are free to ask him questions anytime, whenever in doubt. There is no doubt that Terry is capable of boosting a student's result and able to make his students gain interest in Mathematics or Additional Mathematics provided the students work hard in doing their part.”

— Su Li Yuen from SMK Bandar Utama Damansara(3), SPM 2014.

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