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Empower generations through experience

Experienced teachers are  not only shedding light to the academic side of learning but also acting as a coach for life.

Easy to Understand

Compelling examples and piecemeal approach are taken by our tutors to ensure the clarity in the delivery of knowledge.

A+ Notes

Extensive and intensive notes plus exercises are curated by our tutors to assist in the learning process of students.


Interactive communication between students and tutors are encouraged to enhance the learning experience.


Group Classes

A great place to learn.

Equipped with our A+ notes, our experienced tutors are more than sufficient to guide you to A+. Our tutors often integrate technology and efficient teaching methods in order to make the subjects more understandable.

We provide tutoring from A-Level, IGCSE, SPM, PT3, and UPSR. In addition, we have compiled topical Past Year Questions to help students to score well in their exams. For more info:

Group Class

Small Classes

Focused for par excellence.

Ranging from 3 to 5 people in a class, we can provide you with a more focused environment to learn. Our experienced teachers will have a more concentrated effort for every single student in the small class.

In addition to the small class size, the class will have more time to discuss more examples regarding on the subjects in order to deepen the understanding of the students. For more info:

Small Class

Private Classes

A one-to-one dedication.

With a 99-percent scoring A rate every year, we provide you with the utmost premier one-to-one tutoring service in an array of subjects across various syllabi- A-Level, IGCSE, SACE, SPM, PT3 and Primary.

The class offered to you is specially personalised for you by our experienced tutors who teach based on your learning persona. Therefore, giving you the most out of your time. For more info:

Private Class


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