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Hard work and limitless effort for students.

Specially curated by our experienced tutors in order to aid in delivering the knowledge more efficiently.


Guiding students to score with flying colours in every examination with a wide array of extended practices.


We strive to be in line with the updates and changes of the Malaysian, the International IGCSE, A-Level syllabus.


We encourage students to adopt a heuristic self-learning mechanism in order to cope with the era of globalization.


A+ Notes

The pathway to flying colours.

Our tutors have spent over hundreds of hours to meticulously develop the notes in the efforts to assist the students' understanding of the topics. Our notes are specially designed to cope with the problem-solving and critical thinking aspect of the syllabus.

Although there is a deluge of information on the internet, they are not sorted out according to their importance. We apply a holistic approach in curating our notes so that they are the most suitable and in-line with the variety of syllabi for our students.

Self-Made Tests

Quality assurance in check.

Distinct and extra practice for our students, we strive to make sure that we have a constant stream of the right amount of practices for our students as consistency in practising the topics is crucial for excelling in exams.

Our tests are regarded as of standard with the variety of syllabi. Our questions are integrated with Higher-Order Thinking Skills (HOTs), problem solving skills, critical thinking skills, and according to the different exam formats.


Past Years

Practise makes perfect.

Sorted out according to topics, we specially curate the past year papers in order to provide additional exercises in order to reinforce the concepts that are taught and to align the students to attain better marks in their examinations.

It is proven that the more past year questions that you have practised, the more likely that you will get A for the subject. Based on an educational researches published in Malaysia and in the United States, it is proven that around 90 percent of students that have done more than 9 sets of past papers are able to score A in their exams.

Student Doing Homework

Studying with the comforts of your own home

Get up to speed with our comprehensive workbooks and online classes at your convenience. 

Score well and understand your subjects better with unlimited revision and practice.

Get yours now!

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