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Key Benefits of Tuition Classes: 5 ways Tuition Can Help You Learn Better

Written by : Cheah Ming Yen

For most of us, tuition has been a staple routine throughout our schooling days. Some of us start early to build up and maintain a strong learning foundation, while some find tuition classes particularly useful as an intensive booster before major examinations. While we all have our own opinions about the necessity of tuition classes, here are some valid points how tuition can actually enhance your learning experience.

#1 Practice Makes Perfect

After your first time learning a topic in school, attending tuition classes for additional revision can help strengthen your understanding of that new concept. If you find it difficult to catch up in a subject or need help to grasp some complicated concepts, tuition classes are the best opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with the topic.

Even if it’s a familiar subject or an easy topic, revising it again in tuition classes will definitely help you remember facts, formulae and theories better. The extra exercises will also come in handy when you encounter different types of questions during an exam!

#2 Comfort

Another important factor that affects learning efficiency is the learning environment. Most tuition centers are air-conditioned, whereas the spacious classrooms well-equipped with quality tables and chairs ensure a pleasant learning experience. A comfortable environment is a huge plus point that can help you feel more ready and energized to learn. Especially now when protective measures are crucial, it is easier to ensure proper social distancing is carried out in smaller sized classrooms with spacious seating arrangements.

What’s more, coming for class in casual wear without having to wear school uniforms means even more comfort and flexibility! If your schedule allows it, take a bath after a long day at school before coming for tuition class to learn at your peak condition.

#3 Flexibility and Variety

We all learn differently based on our individual preferences and personalities, but sometimes it may be difficult to always have access to our preferred learning methods. Tuition classes with smaller class sizes can accommodate different styles of learning, including alternatives for visual, auditory, reading/writing or kinesthetic learning.

Without the restrictions of textbook syllabi and a regulated curriculum format, you may even learn better from the variety of teaching methods in tuition classes. Pop quizzes, worksheets, interactive classroom games, open discussion – all these are the countless possibilities of how tuition classes can incorporate other creative and unique varieties of the teaching-learning process.

#4 Low Teacher-to-Student Ratio

And of course, the best part of tuition classes – the lower teacher-to-student ratio can be a lifesaver if you learn better through small classes where the teacher can pay more attention to each student’s needs and assist with the learning process. Private classes or small group classes ensure a completely personalized and customized learning experience, whereby the teacher can focus their teaching style based on what is best for the student.

Besides that, if asking questions in front of a large class makes you nervous, then you’ll find the smaller class sizes much more comfortable to ask for further explanation. When the teacher can afford to spend more time and attention on each student, you’ll be able to make the most out of detailed explanations and step-by-step guidance!

#5 Learn Together with Friends

Research has shown that group-studying with friends can in fact boost academic performance from peer support and mutual interaction. Sometimes, asking a friend is the go-to when you just need to fact check something really quickly, or even to discuss different methods to solve a tricky problem.

If you usually study with your friends, why not take it to a higher level of effectiveness by signing up for tuition classes together? As cheesy as it sounds, friends who study together, stay together. Call along some friends and you might just realise that studying together can, in fact, help you learn better. Who knows, you might even make new friendships here that last for a long time ahead!

If you’re ready for some quality yet affordable after-school academic support, feel free to find out more at or contact 017-6652982. Whether it’s group classes or private classes you need, for whichever academic level ranging from UPSR to SPM, IGCSE and A Levels, we’ve got your back.

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