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Relearning the Learning Experience: Effective Tips to Study Smart During the MCO/CMCO

Written by : Cheah Ming Yen

Nearly a year since the world has been afflicted by the Covid-19 pandemic, life as we know it has been upturned abruptly. One of the industries severely impacted by this global crisis is the education sector – to curb the spread of the virus, the closure of schools worldwide has resulted in the rapid, yet necessary rise of e-learning.

As we usher in 2021, Malaysians are also entering our second Movement Control Order (MCO) after seeing a spike in cases. The start of the new school year has been postponed, and classes are moved online once more. From prior experience, here are some helpful tips to make the most out of your learning experience.

#1 Create a conducive environment

One of the biggest perks of learning from home is that the familiar environment puts you at ease. Besides having complete control of your surroundings and a sense of belonging with your living space, the freedom to work privately can reduce external distractions.

However, the idea of home as a place to rest and relax can make it a bit too easy to lie on the bed, or look for a snack in the kitchen during class. As a remedy, personalise a “study space” that’s comfortable enough, yet not too relaxing so that you’re always clear-minded and alert. Get a study desk and chair (one cushion for back support is fine, but stay away from soft couches and beds!) to set up your device, books and stationery. Once you’ve gotten into the mood with your comfortable and distraction-free study area, you’re good to go!

#2 Keep up with formalities

Some schools make it compulsory for students to wear their school uniforms during class, which is actually a good way to tell yourself that it’s time to get to work. Get up early enough to freshen up, and pick out an outfit that is decent and reasonably presentable. At the very least, change out of your pyjamas so you won’t feel like you’re still half-asleep!

Next, draw up a daily timetable and follow it strictly. Organise your classes and allocate time to do homework or revision just like a usual school day. Even though you’re at home, you shouldn’t let your academic timetable get interrupted by impromptu leisure. Of course, don’t forget to leave time for some well-deserved rest and relaxation!

#3 Stay connected

Planners, alarm clocks and online reminders are must-haves to make sure you don’t miss anything on your schedule. Set reminders for your classes, group discussions and study sessions, and always keep up with important dates!

With the additional option of messaging rather than speaking, online learning may actually be a relief for less outspoken students. Ever felt embarrassed to voice out your opinion or ask a question in class? Now you can type out a message in the call chat box without the anxiety of catching the perfect timing to not interrupt the teacher. Emailing or messaging your teacher to clarify the class content can also be a great option for those who prefer written communication over spoken.

#4 Emotional support

Since classes have moved out of the classroom and into the household, parents take up a greater responsibility in their children’s learning process. Besides overseeing their children’s academic progress and making sure work is completed and up to date, it is important to provide encouragement and support. Always remember, communication and empathy is key.

Online learning can be a lonely affair, especially for those actively involved in co-curricular activities or events. Keep in contact with your friends through calls, messaging or even playing online games together. Pro tip: organise group study sessions online to be productive while connecting with your friends!

#5 Familiarise yourself with technology

We live in an era of digitalisation, and online learning is a good opportunity to improve your ICT skills in preparation for future careers where digitisation will be a common feature of global communication. Besides mastering basic technology skills like word processing and web navigation, it is also important to learn how to make your way around new learning platforms and fully utilise the features of educational apps.

If you have an important presentation, make sure to test run your slideshow before the actual day to avoid unforeseen mishaps. Besides that, make good use of the World Wide Web to access vast resources of knowledge online. The Internet can be a great help with difficult schoolwork, and don’t forget to look up extra-curricular topics of interest to enhance your general knowledge.

#6 Sign up for online classes!

The travel limitations and curfew that come with the nation-wide MCO shouldn’t restrict your after-school academic support. Be it for primary, secondary, or even tertiary education – here at Teliti Tuition Centre, we have what you need.

In fact, the MCO could be a blessing in disguise for those whom distance and travel was an issue. Now, without having to travel long distances or suffer through traffic jams that might make you late for class, you can access quality educational material from the comfort of your own home. One-to-one private lessons or group classes, feel free to opt for whichever fits your learning style better.

Taking into consideration different environments at home, we understand that live classes may not be suitable for all students. We also provide pre-recorded classes for those who prefer self-paced learning so that you can access the class resources based on your convenience, with more flexibility. Find out more at our website or contact 017-6652982.

Especially for students taking major exams this year, the journey is not easy. Having to relearn how to learn is certainly challenging, but believe in yourself and do your best!

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